The Functions of Autumn Meadows Homeowners Association

How much are the association dues?

The annual dues or assessment of $188.00 is due monthly from each town homeowner.  The amount of $345.00 is due yearly for homeowners of a single family dwelling. The dues are to be paid in full each year. Assessment notices usually are mailed out in late November.

How is the assessment used?

The assessments are used for such things as landscaping common areas. Miscellaneous maintenance of common areas. Communications, (website, monthly meetings, postage for mailings). Legal Services. Maintenance and repairs of the townhouses.

When is the monthly meetings?

The second Tuesday of each month at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center in Beaverton, Oregon. (Location is subject to change)

Who is responsible for maintaining the landscaping?

The Board contracts with a licensed and bonded landscape company to maintain all common areas within the community.  Occasionally, the Board may seek bids from landscape companies to verify that the current contract is within the fair market value or to hire a new landscape company.

Homeowners in single family dwellings are responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of their yards.