Making Changes To Your Home

What is the Architectural Review Committee?

The Architectural Review Committee comprised of the board members who review all requests from homeowners for all changes to a house, landscaping, or external structures that require review and approval under the CC&Rs.

How do I get approval from the Architectural Review Committee regarding changes I wish to make to my home?

The homeowner is required to submit an ARC form to the board before beginning a project. Improvements require pre-approval provided they comply with the standards set forth in the Rules and Regulations. Check the Rules and Regulations for the requirements for the particular type of improvement you are considering.

Do I need approval to make changes to my (lawn) landscaping?

Yes.  Making major changes to landscaping requires submission of an ARC form and pre-approval from the Board.

Do I need approval to change the exterior color of my home?

Yes. Repainting or changing the exterior color of a home requires submission of an ARC form and pre-approval from the Board.