Bluestone & Hockley Emergency On-Call Procedures

  • Examples of maintenance emergencies:

Roof leaks, water line breaks & other potential building damage issues.

  • Examples of what doesn’t constitute a maintenance emergency:

Matters such as improperly parked cars, noise complaints, smoke detectors going off at your property or your neighbor’s property, etc. These should be addressed on your own through local law enforcement, or through contacting your management team during normal business hours. In the event of a lockout, the on-call manager can assist in facilitating a locksmith, but you will be billed for that service.

  • Who should I contact in the event of an emergency?

If you should experience a maintenance emergency at your property when the Bluestone & Hockley office is closed (after 5:00pm Monday-Friday, and Saturdays & Sundays), you will still call our regular office number at 503-222-3800 and follow the prompts to be redirected to the on-call manager through our live answering service. You will select #1 for a maintenance emergency, then select #2 to be connected to the on-all manager through the live on-call service.

  • Please contact the following numbers for specific emergencies:
  1. Roof leaks, water intrusion, & potential structural damage: Bluestone & Hockley 503-222-3800
  2. Fire & Emergencies in process: Immediately call 911
  3. Power outage: PGE 800-544-1795
  4. Gas leak: Call your local gas company

  • For non-emergencies, such as noise complaints, suspicious activity in your neighborhood, and theft, please contact your local law enforcement non-emergency number.





Who is on-call after hours?

Every week we have one rotating manager and one maintenance person on-call to assist you, and they are dispatched from where they live. In addition, we often need to send specialized vendors to address specific needs such as water main breaks or electrical emergencies.

How does the 24/7/365 on-call process work?

After you have dialed our regular office number at 503-222-3800, you will follow the prompts to be connected with the answering service. The operator will ask you to describe your emergency maintenance need. If the matter requires the assistance of a manager, your call will be forwarded to the on-call manager and they will arrange for any maintenance services to meet you onsite if the situation warrants this.